The word purge indicates getting rid of something.  Ho Hum.  Before you get the Eeyore complex think of the word fest.  It indicates fun, excitement and a party!  A purge-fest is a time set aside to purge with an organizer and your party will come when the work is done!

My client recently purchased a new closet system.  She emptied everything from her old closet into her bedroom, bathtub, shower stall… it was a hot mess!  But together we went through each item one by one and purged, hung, placed, binned.  We laughed, we sipped, we had a blast on purge-fest day.  With all the stuff this huge job only took part of a day.

The result?  One happy client who reports she LOVES her closet.  Everything is reachable, color coded, neat and tidy.  Now as she wears clothes she’d forgotten she had, she hangs the item inside out.  In 6 months, if she hasn’t worn it again, she will purge it. 

Fifteen bags to charity and five more to the trash?  Now that’s a purge.  Watching her dance in her closet?  That’s a fest!