I live and work in Las Vegas.  Money flows in and out of this city and I see money everywhere… ahhh, like all over the house!  Cash!  Coins!  Gambling Vouchers!  Besides the normal piles of paper and “stuff,” I frequently see piles of cash about a house.  It is so prevalent I find it necessary to train clients how and where the green should be stored. 

With all the services people use, landscapers, housekeepers, pool service, pest control service, window washers, an organizer… these valuables should not be left for the eyes to see and scheme. 

If money goes missing, it puts everyone in an awkward and possible criminal situation.  I encourage clients to not only organize it all but store it in a safe, locked area, hidden from all to see.  Cash in the vouchers.  Las Vegas has banks.  There are safety deposit boxes.  Purchase a home safe.  Las Vegas should not be the city of naiveté!