Did you know the average woman has, (not wears), 102 pairs of shoes?  The average man has 30?  This is no big deal, really.  But how do we store them?  There are closet shelves, cubbies, accessories for storage available at stores.  I like clear plastic shoe boxes available at The Container Store.  They come in shoe size, men’s size, and boot size.

They stack, you can see the shoes through them, they keep your shoes dust free, and your closet tidy.  If possible keep the floor clear as it is too tempting to kick off your shoes and leave them there.  If you really want to get crazy, color code the boxes.

As you store the shoes, polish them, send them in for repair or… decide… do I need a shoe box for this pair?  Do I love this pair?  Do I need this pair?  Task complete?  Kick up your heels and do a happy dance!