Oftentimes I enter a home and find a very small closet space where the door actually swings INTO the closet!  Who designs this stuff?  I measured one closet space to discover the door was actually larger than the wall on which it swung to!  This means lack of space and causes a real problem for storage.  Solution?  Remove the door!

The same is true for a “reach in” closet.  These make great spaces in home offices.  Again, if your shelves are tidy, add a pop of color and make this space part of your room.  Contain all the supplies and doodads in colorful and fun bins. Your personality will shine through and you will want to spend productive time in the room.

If you have a neat and tidy clothes closet and storage is a problem, remove the door.  Store the door in garage or make a craft/utility table out of it.  You will gain an extra wall in your closet and your closet will breathe with the open space.