My newest client is.  She is older, a little less energy than a few years ago, downsizing, overwhelmed, anxious, and tired of decisions. 

That is why her realtor suggested she hire me.  We are working hard together packing what she doesn’t need in the near future, decluttering, and finding some very interesting things.  Some days she breaks out laughing which only brings me joy.

Some things are sad as her husband is in a nursing home and will never return to this house, so she cries, and I take care of his belongings.

The new home that awaits is considerably smaller, so she has relented to only keeping what will comfortably fit and realizes the truth that only necessities are essential.  Her new home will be safe, free of clutter and I am excited for the day she is settled in, relaxed, and this enormous task is behind her.

I will always love my new client / turned friend.  She has taught me much about life, memories and graceful transitioning.  She’s a champ.