Time to store the decor?  The holidays are such fun and who doesn’t like to take their house apart and decorate for a few short weeks?  It’s the UNdecorating where I come in.  Consider hiring a professional to dismantle the decor, wrap it, pack it, label it, and store it in heat safe, stackable containers and bins.

I recently had the opportunity to dismantle Halloween and Autumn for a client.  There were 28 bins and 5 bagged life-sized characters, this was driven to a spacious storage unit where SURPRISE!  I found over 200 bins of Christmas decor.  Requiring a 24-foot rental truck, extra muscle and weeks of organizing this client was able to see everything she didn’t know she had.  The decor had been improperly wrapped causing damage, mislabeled bins causing confusion, all resulting in many duplicates purchased over the years.

In January, I will return to UNdecorate and this time the task will be done efficiently and properly.  Maybe, just maybe… I can reduce the number of bins to under 200 and next year a pickup truck may be the only transport required.  One can only hope.