Your dapper duds are only as stylish as where and how you hang them, so why not opt for the best of the best?  A great beginning is an efficient, functional and beautiful closet space and storage solution.  If you have the typical “builder’s grade” closet with one shelf and one hanging rod, consider enlarging that area with double hang, shoe shelves and using the wall space all the way to the ceiling with storage shelves.

If your closet has an odd shape, a sloped ceiling, a “cubbie,” use those spaces for belts, hats, colognes… get creative here.  There’s no such thing as an awkward or unusable space inside your closet.  Even the smallest nook can become a go-to catchall or perfect hideaway for treasures.

Preserve your wardrobe by saying NO to wire hangers, avoid overcrowding, and fold – don’t suspend sweaters and they will remain shapely.  If you have the shelf space fold your jeans allowing more hang space for trousers and dress pants.

Walk out your door dapper and happy with a spring in your step!  Well dressed and ready to face world, your clothes will love you back.