I am talking adult kids.  We’ve either gone through it or are going through it.  This, from the voice of experience.  We downsized when we moved to Las Vegas, losing an attic and huge garage.  That was storage, valuable real estate.

As organized as I was, we still had quite a bit of the “kid stuff.”  Now adults, I flew my kids home for a weekend of sorting, throwing, and re-evaluation.  They got the idea of a garage sale (their idea – not mine) and had a blast of a time with it.  By the way, those old science fair experiments in the attic?  Ewwww.  Dioramas disintegrate through the years as well. 

Yes, there comes a time when it’s time.  Keep the treasured memories (yearbooks, a few earned trophies/ribbons, favorite toys), but the rest?  The comment I heard most was, “WHY did you keep THIS?”

Their decisions made it easy for me to pack and move only what was necessary.  Soon after, when my kids had homes of their own… we made a road trip with the saved items in tow, (I always come bearing gifts), which my kids gladly now store in their own real estate. 

Another example is a client I worked with recently.  She and her husband were moving to a new state and downsizing.  They phoned their daughter on the East Coast and said: “Come home and sort your things or we will donate all.”  They had moved her “treasures” three times and enough was enough.  This resulted in a late night urgent call for me to come the next morning and help the daughter, which I happily did.  Once faced with the cost of shipping “treasures” to the East Coast, daughter became realistic real fast and in just four hours we had the problem under control with happy parents.  If only they had done this three moves ago.

Movers charge by weight.  Stuff costs money.  Stuff takes up room.  Kids still little kids?  All the more reason to sort and choose what to keep through the years.  Keep the best of the best each school year… the first cursive project, the first reader, the best spelling test.  Treasure the memories in your heart and you will thank me in a few years.