Believe it or not, I have now logged my oldest expired food item as 2004.  So far, that’s the record.  This spice had moved two states, three houses and multiple cupboards and pantries.

I moved it to the trash. 

Take inventory of your freezer and pantry… the forgotten abyss.  Do you keep moving that cut of meat from the top shelf to the middle shelf then bury it on the bottom shelf of the freezer?  Ewww.  The freezer burn alone has to be 3rd degree!  Set a goal that you don’t bring any more freezer items home until you eat what’s already in yours.

The pantry is another abyss.  Doesn’t smell like cinnamon?  It isn’t anymore.  Tah Tah.

Regular monthly organization and clean out will take just a few minutes instead of hours to sort.

If I come to clean it out, I keep records… 2004 and counting… backwards