There are 7 days in a week… 30 days in a month…

Some days are professional, others active, and a few loungy.  We have a hot season and a cold season.  So why are there 365 dress shirts in your closet?  Why are there 60 golf shirts?  Do you need 25 pair of jeans?  So you have a rainbow of colored pants, do you need three in each color?  100 pair of shoes?  I can live with that – it’s average.

The funniest question I have ever been asked is: “Can you make my space bigger?”  While I am good at working organizational magic, “bigger” is only accomplished with a contractor, a sledge hammer and new walls.  More efficient I can do.  Let’s start with a purgefest! 

Remember there are only 7 days in a week… 30 days in a month… and we do live in a century of washing machines and dry cleaners!