Those extra pounds creep up, especially around the holidays.  I’m not talking body fat.  I’m talking clutter.  Find those items you have stashed to “re-gift” and get them ready to wrap.  While you are wrapping, sort through your leftovers… no, not the food, the old recycled gift wrap and bows.  Are they crinkled and smooshed?  Look like recycled?  Then recycle them in that big bucket on the side of the house and start fresh.  No one wants a gift in an extra loved gift bag.  Sort through and organize ribbons, seriously?  A 5” ribbon is going to help you? 

This year while opening gifts, have a bag ready for the wrapping and if Aunt Betty wants to flatten, straighten and save every piece of tissue, wrap and ribbon, let her.  Then send it all home with her.

Ahhh… now that’s better.  You’ve lost the weight!