Plasticware, the most common form for food storage.  With all the disposable brands we have every size, and shape one can imagine.  If you enjoy your plasticware (and many have moved over to glass storage’s health benefits), only keep the containers which have lids to match.  Only keep the lids that have containers to match.  And those disposables?  They get a little funky after microwave heat-ups and dishwashers.  Don’t be afraid to toss them… they are DISPOSABLE. 

A word about shapes.  Round containers never make sense because our refrigerators and shelves are not round.  Round takes up valuable space.  Choose square or rectangle and nest them.  Keep lids in a separate container standing up and don’t store these items in a bottom cabinet that you must get on hands and knees to access.

We don’t want a 911 call… ”Help! I’m on the floor and I can’t get up!”  Store them accessible to your lifestyle.