Is there a remodel in your future?  Why not take the time to really plan how you want to function in that new space.  Glass front cabinetry is beautiful, but not if you are trying to hide a mess.  Those corner cupboards can be a waste of real estate with a lazy susan… or not… try “v” shaped drawers in those corners… no more digging in the back dark corners of the cupboard.  Consider pull-outs for all lower cupboards for easy go-to and storage.  

Bedroom storage a problem?  Purchase a decorative basket and fill with your colorful blankets, neatly folded, or purchase a bench with built in storage for the foot of your bed.  Newer nightstands have built in charging stations which eliminate cords and cables around the head of your bed.  Built-in units, more expensive, but O! so efficient!  Open shelving surrounds you with the things you love to see and closed cabinetry and drawers below allow for exceptional storage.  Plan it, do it, love it!