Your home or office didn’t get this way overnight!  Perhaps you had to move in a hurry and threw everything randomly in boxes.  Those boxes sat in a garage or corner until now. Maybe, you inherited items from a relative who has passed away.  You used to be organized and then the twins arrived.  Health problems arose and you don’t have the energy or physical ability to deal with the piles. 

Whatever the reason… decluttering is a process.  Peel the onion one layer at a time. One drawer, one closet, one shelf at a time. Set aside two hours of de-clutter time and set a timer. STOP when it goes off and you won’t “hit that wall”. 

When you decide to donate or throw… follow through.  Be careful of putting it in another pile, like “to be donated”… take it to the drop box the day you purge. 

There are professionals who can help, like organiZare and sometimes it takes that extra shove.

Follow these tips and you will stay inspired and push ahead with the process.