Moving? Downsizing? Sound Familiar?

One client went from over 3,000 square feet to an urban condo…here were her pre-project comments:  “stuff just clutters around us!”  “it’s all the kid’s stuff!”  As much as she tried to cull the clutter, it just moved from room to room, but moving put a new perspective on things.

That’s when we got busy…sorting into categories, move, donate, sell, toss….the over 50 pre-retirement dress shirts of Mr’s went to charity, the dresses worn 15 years ago at the kid’s weddings – gone…the chair buried in the basement which was always going to be re-upholstered…won’t fit in the condo…get the idea?

Room by room item by item a fresh new start began. Moving day the van arrived, the big pieces were in place in the condo, the pared-down belongings arranged, artwork hung.  Retirement to be enjoyed. Zen.