Where were you when you made your big life plans?

Perhaps in college surrounded by friends discussing hopes and dreams… the possibilities were endless and exciting!  Where might we live?  Would we get married?  O! the career plans, families and adventures that awaited!

I think it’s safe to assume none of us ever said “I hope I have a big house full of things that I bought just because they were on sale.  We never talked about our intentions to own so much stuff that we would spend our free time trying to organize it all.  No one said, “I hope my future kids have so many toys that they can’t pick them up because there is nowhere to put them!

Why do we trade in our hopes, dreams, goals and plans for things that will eventually end up in a garage sale, consignment store or landfill?  We pull this baggage behind us as we go through life thinking about the next thing we can add to it!  Stop doing that!

I still love shoes and handbags, kitchen gadgets that slice and dice… but I don’t like the idea that someone would trade in special hopes and dreams for something that can be bought.  I like my stuff but I am SO OVER IT!

Give me passion, pursuits, wholeness, healing, compassion, audacious goals, love, grace, kindness… give me those instead, and let me not be distracted by anything less.