Don’t let this happen to you…

It starts with one box. Because that box is handy, you stack another one on top of it.  The magazines and catalogs land there, then some unopened mail.  Some letters and cards fall to the floor, hidden by a shopping bag set down just for the moment, in a hurry, so much on your mind.  That bag falls behind other bags.  Every day there’s mail.  Craft projects cover the dining room table, you know this isn’t right, but where do you begin now?

Next weekend’s chores turn into next month’s and then a year has passed.  Floors, counters, tables disappear beneath every good intention.  Once it was just a clutter nest and now it is an overwhelming albatross!

You need these things, all of them… for your hobbies, the dog, the future… That box is here someplace!

This isn’t hoarding…yet.  This is typical of a busy life.  Don’t be embarrassed by the mess, call a professional for help and regain control of your life.