I recently helped a family prepare their child for college… not academically, but how to live with others in a dorm.  Especially if you have a child who is a bit “messy”… how will they get along with a roommate in a small dorm room?  If both roommates are messies, then ugggh, but usually one is a neatnik and the other a messy, thus a dilemma.  Teach your child to make the bed every morning.  If underbed storage is needed contain items in a bin designed for that purpose.  No food or empty soda cans allowed under the bed!

Wash clothes often to avoid that smelly room.  Fold clothes and fit into drawers or bins.  Sprays cover up smells, they don’t eliminate them.  Disinfectant wipes are a must for healthy living and work well in those mini-fridges.  Minimize make up or hygiene supplies and store in a carry-bin.  Perhaps share shampoos/conditioners with the roommates to minimize the bottles in the shower.  Keep tidy!  This can be accomplished by learning these skills at home before entering college and roommate bliss will be your friend.