Sad, but true.  “We’ve moved!  We were so cramped in that tiny starter house.”  “We just had to upsize.  Now we have plenty of storage space!”

When every nook and cranny is crammed with books, articles, clothing.  When a drawer jams, stuffed with pens, pencils, and scratch pads.  When the under sink in the bathroom is filled with tall, odd-sized products you purchased on sale or at the big box store.  When… this happens… it’s time to declutter!

Before you move into an even bigger house to store even more stuff, sort what you have and purge what you don’t need.  Avoid the BOGO offers, half price sales and bulk purchase items.  Think first where you will store it and how many do you already have?  Products expire and buying in bulk may cost you more in the end.  Bring nothing into your house unless you have a proper place to store it.

Go ahead.  Buy that bigger house. But less is more and space is good.  Besides, now you won’t have to move all the stuff.