I see new storage units popping up everywhere.  Why?  Do we have that much stuff that we should pay a monthly rental fee for it?  I see homes with cars parked in driveways because the garage is too full of stuff so the cars don’t fit.  Why?  Do we really have to keep all this stuff?

If choosing to downsize to a smaller home, then downsize the stuff.  Stuff costs money.  Pay to store it, haul it, move it… I’d rather take a wonderful vacation with that money. 

One recent client just moved from a small urban condo to a 2,300-square foot home.  It seemed like a mansion to her.  She called me to help organize her stuff.  Didn’t take long because in the condo she was forced to live a minimal lifestyle, thus she didn’t have a lot of stuff.  Will she fill her new home with stuff?  Nope.  She loves minimal and empty shelves are good. 

We made use of wall space in the garage, hanging most everything and two cars fit perfectly.

Only purchasing what is needed and what fits is another good practice.

Think about all that stuff and decide… storage unit or vacation?  Cars safe inside or outside?

Crowded living or comfortable?